Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to kick a judge's a$$

Kosher Judge Judy is paid $30-million per year to brainwash you to waive all Constitutions and Rules of Court

by Dr. Frederick D. Graves, JD

As has been said, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse," and though I disagree strongly with that maxim (since my profession has failed and refused to teach the public anything whatever about our laws, how they work, or how they can be enforced through our court system) one is wise to make an effort to know what the law affecting our lives is ... especially when we're fighting for our rights in court!

Q. Can you win without controlling the judge?

A. You cannot!

Doubt me at your peril!

I fought and won in court for a quarter-century by applying this simple secret: knowing how to control judges!

There's no other way!

How's it done, you ask?

What's the big secret?

Actually, it's no secret at all. It's very simple, really!

So simple, in fact, it's uncanny! All the laws and rules and testimony and evidence accounts for nothing if you don't know how to control the judge!

I received my degree from an excellent law school back in 1985. But, we weren't taught this secret to winning!

Surprise you? It should. It surprises me, too!

I faithfully attended 3 years of classes and read every page of a stack of lawbooks 20-feet high, but never were we told the simple secret of: How to Win in Court.

You must control the judge!

This is your #1 task ... if you want to win!

And, there's only ONE WAY to control the judge.

Threaten appeal!

Use empty threats, quote internet legal mythology, demand to see his oath of office, challenge jurisdiction based on the color of the fringe on the courtroom flag?

Absolutely not!

The process is simple, and YOU can do it!

If you have a lawyer, he may be unwilling to do it. He may be afraid to do it. But, if you want to win, someone must threaten the judge with appeal!

It's just plain dumb to march into court demanding one's "Constitutional Rights", expecting the judge to admit your evidence, to deny the evidence and tricks presented by the other side, and award judgment in your favor. It just doesn't work that way!

The key to winning at the trial level is making a winning record for appeal (in case the judge rules against you) at all times making it clear that the record you've made will win on appeal if the judge chooses to rule against you!

Judges don't like to be overturned on appeal.

Yes! It all comes down to this! Believe it or not!

Too simple? I thought so, too, at first. It took a couple of years before I finally saw the light. Law school led me to believe judges were a higher life-form that only did right and followed law. Some judges I dealt with these past 25 years were good. A few were arrogant, hard-headed egos who didn't like to be "talked back" to and acted as if the courtroom belonged to them, instead of to the People and the courageous young men and women who gave their all so we could demand justice from such tyrants and get it!

The following is a partial list of things YOU must insist upon (whether you have a lawyer or not) if you want to control the judge, make your winning appellate record, and influence the judge to rule in your favor. These are listed in no particular order. They are ALL covered in my official24-hour step-by-step Jurisdictionary lawsuit self-help course in which you will learn how to:

Draft proper pleadings with all fact elements
Obtain all necessary evidence before trial
Make effective oral motions
Draft effective written motions
Draft compelling memoranda
Insure a written record of all proceedings is made
Object promptly to all errors of opponent
Object promptly to all errors of judge
Renew objections to all un-cured errors of judge
Keep your opponent's evidence out
Get your evidence in
Stop opponent from proposing false orders
Offer to draft all orders
Prevent opponent's lawyer from testifying
... and much, much more!
Of course my Jurisdictionary self-help course shows a lot more skills than what's listed here as examples. If you don't know how to do these easy tasks, you let the judge off the hook! Once a judge sees you haven't prepared an effective record for appeal, he knows he can rule any way he wishes and escape the threat of successful appeal.

Do the math!

I realize these newsletters urge you to get my course. If you already have my official self-help course, I hope these newsletters remind you of the importance of studying the course thoroughly. Things you don't yet know are the very things your opponent will use to destroy your case!

Lawsuits are an axe fight. Bring your axe.

More in-depth details of legal research, what to search for, how to cite to cases, how to use cited cases to control judges, and much more is included in my official 24-hour, step-by-step lawsuit self-help course you will learn more about at Jurisdictionary.

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit against LA County Sheriff for Denying Press Interview with Inmate - Who says public access TV can't win Emmy Awards and kick judges' ass in court?

Sturgeon v. The County of Los Angeles - In 1998, the state of California took over funding of all state trial court operations, including responsibility for payment of salaries and benefits to trial court judges. Los Angeles County, which is home to one of the largest trial court systems in the United States, continues to pay "local judicial benefits" to its judges to supplement the compensation and benefits they received from the state. This "double dipping" by trial court judges costs Los Angeles County taxpayers an estimated $20 million per year. In the spring of 2006, Judicial Watch filed a "citizen-taxpayer" lawsuit against the county seeking to have these payments declared unlawful and to enjoin future payments. Following the trial court's ruling upholding the payments, Judicial Watch appealed, and on October 10, 2008, the California Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District Division One, reversed the ruling of the trial court and remanded the case. In July 2009, the trial court again upheld the payments, but Judicial Watch provided a Notice of Appeal on September 28, 2009. However, in December 2010, the lower court's judgment was affirmed, so Judicial Watch filed a petition for review on February 4, 2011. - How to file a Motion to Vacate Void Judgment for corruption of judge

Judge Judy's MK-Ultra Breakdown

An incoherent Judge Judy told shocked audience members she "needed to stop" one of her made-for-TV cases because she was "not feeling well," is exclusively reporting.

Judge Sheindlin was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital Wednesday morning after she suddenly started saying things that didn't make sense, a studio insider revealed.

"She was just sitting on the stand during her show taping and she started saying things that didn't make any sense," a source close to the situation told, exclusively.

"She said, 'I need to stop, I'm not feeling well.'"

The source told that the 68-year-old judge was only two cases deep into her taping when her bizarre behavior prompted her to stop and have a crew member call 911.

"She said couple of sentences that didn't have anything to do with the case and then she stopped speaking and said she wasn't feeling well," the source said.

"The stage manager called the paramedics and they came and took her away."

The Los Angeles City Fire Department confirmed to that a paramedic ambulance was dispatched to the KTLA Studios in Hollywood, where Judge Judy tapes her show, at 9:12 a.m. today.

Sheindlin's rep, Gary Rosen, confirmed to that the judge is in the hospital and will be staying overnight for observation.
"The judge was feeling nauseous and had some intestinal discomfort and decided to go to the hospital to get it checked out," Rosen said.

"They are keeping her overnight for tests."

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