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Police State checkpoint on the Dragon, biker tickets increase 11,400% at Deals Gap


Some definitions of the Dragon include US129 all the way to US411, which is where the "318 curves" come from.

UPDATE: TDOT Safety Audit Review bans business on US129 at Deals Gap Dragon - TDOT admits in writing that the 30 mph speed limit is illegal on the Dragon. THP cops on the Dragon are paid over $100,000/year salary. Full text of THP's Stalker radar operator manual admits radar is inaccurate by over 30 mph.

TN Dept of Pre Crime arrests the Dragonator - #1 ticket writer for THP is paid over $100,000/year salary on the Dragon at Deals Gap.

Update: AMA vs Dictator Hussein Obama's motorcycle checkpoints

Tennessee Highway Patrol Issues Labor Day Crackdown Warning

List of THP checkpoints to enforce the Communist Manifesto on Slave Labor Day

A DUI/drug/passport checkpoint is posted by THP for Saturday evening 4 Sept 2010, on 129 about 1 mile from 411 at the intersection with Old Niles Ferry Road.

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Tennessee Highway Patrol Issues Labor Day Crackdown Warning - "Zero Tolerance" is defined by THP as 100% alcohol Prohibition

"Strictly speaking, a driver can register a BAC of 0.00% and still be convicted of a DUI. The level of BAC does not clear a driver when it is below the 'presumed level of intoxication.'"
Tennessee Driver Handbook and Driver License Study Guide, 1990 to 2010

"Court finds $27,500 fine for second offense driving on a revoked license to be excessive."
—State vs Taylor, 70 S.W.3d 717 (Tenn. 2002); fine reduced to $15,000 plus court costs and attorney fees

Tennessee Highway Patrol's Illegal Ticket Quota Leaked in 2009 -- Troop C Memo requiring 700 tickets per year to get paid overtime

Note that THP lacks legal authority to make any traffic stops, sue any traffic tickets, sell any driver licenses nor vehicle registrations, nor run any checkpoints, according to Police Officer Jack McLamb, since we have a Constitutionally guaranteed right to travel without a license nor resgistration. Duress voids all contracts.

"I'll burn your house down, set your dog on fire and there won?t be a member of your family left, do you understand me? I won't hire it done, I will do it myself! Do you understand me?"
-Deals Gap Blount County sheriff James B. Wrong, United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit, Nuchols v. Berrong, No. 04-5645, July 11, 2005

75% of Judges lack a license to practice law (a crime under TN Code), so how do they require a license to drive? At least Blount County judicial commissioner Dustin Hatcher got a certificate to install car stereos, before his arrest for raping a little girl in the Blount County "Justice" Center, costing the taxslaves $40,000 to settle out of court. No 4-year prison sentence for the convicted pedophile judge, just Double Secret Probation.

Nor can any "law" require anyone to purchase a private contract for vehicle insurance they cannot afford, that doesn't even pay when they have a crash. All state attorneys general agree, since they are now suing Dictator Hussein Obama Soetoro and his unconstitutional Obamacare "law" to "require" sheeple to buy expensive medical insurance they cannot afford, or go to jail. Insurance salesman George Gordon reported on his radio show that only 5% of insurance company revenue is paid out in claims. Attorney Ralph Nader reported that insurance company executives pay themselves $200,000 salary per week per person. Warren Buffet, owner of GEICO Government Employees Insurance Company, paid himself a personal salary in one year of $35-billion, tax-free.

THP does not require illegal aliens to have driver licenses nor ID

Illegal aliens are immune to arrest, so go to your local Mexican consulate in Tennessee and get your matricula consula fake ID card today, which allows you to get a fake ID from THP, as 500,000 illegal aliens have already done.

TN Highway Patrol (THP) Activity - Citations by County 1999-2008.

Note that THP has increased its tickets for motorcycle tickets in Blount County by 11,400%, which increased the death rate 300% by banning skilled riders and replacing them with Slayerhaters:

THP Motorcycle tickets in Blount County

1999 -- 20
2000 -- 4
2001 -- 7
2002 -- 14
2003 -- 6
2004 -- 25
2005 -- 97
2006 -- 76
2007 -- 314
2008 -- 459

Blount County, population 121,511 (10th most populous out of 95 counties), gets more than double the THP tickets for Knox County, population 430,019 (3rd most populous), an 800% increase in per capita tickets. THP has declared War On Bikers in Blount County, and Knox County. In comparison with Washington County, ranked 11th in population with 118,639 residents, THP only sued 13 tickets in 2008, compared with 459 for Blount County, a 3,500% increase in per capita tickets.

Washington County is in the news today, with Deputy Cougar's gangbang:

Sheriff fires deputies ticketed by a park ranger for being naked and fucking a 3-way in a national forest

"No one has been able to say how long U.S. Forest Service Officer Scott Cairnes and Deputy Derek Hamm stood watching the trio, but in Cairnes’ report he wrote that he saw Deputy Scarlett Dennison and Deputy Chris Adkins (male) engage in three sex acts and then Adkins and Jamie Walsh (male or female) began to fondle Dennison. The three were charged with possessing alcohol in a prohibited area, public nudity and public intoxication. Adkins had an additional charge of child endangerment because his 2-year-old son was asleep in a tent at the campsite."

Due to THP profiling motorcyclists, Blount County got a 20% increase in tickets for all vehicles. But Knox County got nearly a 50% decrease in tickets for all vehicles.

THP-Issued Citations by County (all vehicles)

Blount County
1999 -- 2,516
2008 -- 2,994

Knox County
1999 -- 26,968
2008 -- 16,629

In contrast, THP has reduced the number of tickets for commercial trucks drivers in Blount County by 50%, from 163 in 1999, to 105 in 2008. THP allows tractor trailer drivers to block 100% of both lanes on every blind curve on the Dragon, with immunity from prosecution. THP does not require truckers to hire flag vehicles to warn oncoming traffic, even when truckers decapitate bikers on the Dragon. Knox County also got a 50% decrease in truck tickets, with 8,486 in 1999, but only 4,491 in 2008, despite THP manning the weigh scales on I40.

THP loves murdering bikers then naming highways after their killers in Blount County and Knox County, to the chagrin of the American Motorcyclist Association, even when it requires police to murder police officers riding to work, with immunity from conviction.

THP Terminates Lieutenant Ronnie Shirley Following Probe - Blackmail and extortion rackets are reserved for TBI's Organized Crime Investigative Division, not for mere patrol employees

If you get a ticket at a THP checkpoint in Blount County, the checkpoint may be illegal, since its not posted by a Blount County news website. Nothing posted in Knox County either. This unofficial blog doesn't count, due to lack of chain of custody, and lack of a paycheck from THP. Signs are required to be posted on US129, without penalty for drivers who see them and turn around.


Libertarian Party presidential nominee Michael Badnarik's class on Constitutional Law

Motorcycle only drunk driving DUI driver license checkpoint roadbloc

Motorcycle Roadblocks: Is NHTSA Playing Games?

The National Motorists Association has always opposed roadblocks, of any kind, and for any purpose other than warning travelers of an unforeseen danger; e.g. a collapsed bridge, flooded roadway, or multi-vehicle crash scene.

Therefore it stands to reason that we would oppose the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) issuance of financial grants to fund motorcycle only roadblocks. These are supposedly to improve motorcycle safety.

However, seeing there is no evidence that roadblocks improve safety, regardless of vehicle type, and this seems more a tactic to harass the target population, it’s fair to ask the question “why is NHTSA wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars, gas tax dollars, on this kind of boondoggle?

Is it just a thinly disguised attempt at payback?

The motorcycling community has had a long running battle with NHTSA over two related issues; helmet laws and using federal funds to lobby and coerce states to pass mandatory helmet laws.

In the late 1960’s Ralph Nader Peaked as an evangelical safety star, NHTSA was born and Congress passed a number of edicts that threatened the states with the loss of federal highway funds if the states did not enact certain safety laws. One such mandate was the requirement that every state pass a universal mandatory helmet law. All the states, but two, CA and IL, fell into line and passed this law. Thus began a long legislative slog on the part of motorcyclists to reclaim their right to make decisions concerning their own welfare, like whether or not to wear a helmet.

Finally, in 1977, Congress was persuaded to repeal the law that would withhold federal funds from states that did not have mandatory helmet laws. However, the motorcycle rights movement followed up with additional provisions prohibiting NHTSA from lobbying the states to pass legislation, including mandatory helmet laws. Congress agreed and passed these restrictions on NHTSA’s state based activities. (Candidly, NHTSA has easily worked around these restrictions, using loop holes in the law, but they most likely remain an irritant to agency functionaries who would prefer to use the direct approach.)

It’s not a major stretch, for an unbiased observer, to conclude that this whole motorcycle roadblock campaign is just a thinly disguised effort to “stick it to” the motorcycle rights organizations that have successfully stymied NHTSA’s anti-motorcycle agenda. And politicians wonder why the general public does not support increasing fuel taxes, so we can have more great federal programs like motorcycle roadblock grants?

Motorcycle Advocacy Groups Prepare for Roadblocks

Lannom & Williams Law Firm
Lebanon Tennessee

The most recent effort by the government to target motorcyclists and circumvent the American idea of freedom comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Across the nation, motorcycle riders’ advocacy groups are preparing for road blocks federally funded by NHTSA represented to be "Motorcycle only" checkpoints.

The stated reason for these checkpoints will be to check safety equipment on motorcycles. It is believed that the intended method is to post signs on interstates directing motorcyclists to leave the interstate to off-ramps set up with roadblocks. The latest state to indicate its intention to utilize this is the State of Georgia. It is not a stretch to presume it will be utilized to coincide with major biker events. The result may be increased harassment, more citations and even more disturbing, can result in the searching of bikes, detainment from destinations, and subjecting private belongings to being rifled through by police officers. We should expect more criminal charges brought against riders from these searches.

As an attorney practicing criminal and constitutional law for almost 20 years it is clear to me that we will constantly be required to challenge the power of government to prevent the eroding of our right to ride free and without harassment. While many times the most successful way to combat this governmental intrusion is through the assertion of our rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures under both the Federal and Tennessee State Constitutions, we should also be concerned about abridgment of our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Assembly. It is reasonable to believe the new motorcycle only roadblocks are intended to harass and deter motorcycle club activities by timing them with national club meetings and rallies.

Further concern arises as we face the constant targeting of those riding with colors. No one with experience on the road can doubt that someone declaring allegiance to an organization ranging from Motorcycle Ministries to the most widely known MC’s will be targeted and harassed to an additional degree with even more intrusion than other motorcyclists.

While we have observed a constant eroding of our constitutional rights, the Federal Government is likely to run into some problems enforcing this targeted intrusion into our biker rights, especially in the State of Tennessee. In the State of Tennessee, there are specific constitutional requirements which must be met in order to justify a stop that is not conducted based on reasonable suspicion, informally known as suspicionless stops. The road blocks that NHTSA is seeking to implement fall under this category of a stop, because they are applied indiscriminately to bikers, not based on any articulated suspicion that the person is guilty of a certain crime. These rights are elaborated on in case law precedent, which establishes that there must be a deterrent factor and an immediate great danger in order to conduct the suspicionless stops.

The Tennessee Supreme Court has thus far strictly limited roadblocks to DUI only checkpoints based upon the imminent danger of impaired drivers while they are on the road. Prior notice of roadblocks is required in the hopes of deterring impaired driving. Attempts by law enforcement to use road blocks to check driver’s licenses thus far have been struck down by the courts as a violation of the constitutional rights of Tennesseans. The rationale for this striking down of driver’s license only checkpoints should equally apply to motorcycle only checkpoints for safety equipment.

It is unlikely that sufficient danger from a motorcyclist’s tail pipes is anywhere near that of detecting the imminent danger of impaired drivers and thus would likely be found unconstitutional. Also, it is arguable that these checkpoints will not achieve the intended purpose of "motorcyclist's safety," as funding safety programs that prevent crashes would be better than motorcycle-only checkpoints and present a lesser degree of intrusion into our constitutional rights.Fortunately, if bikers, bikers’ advocacy organizations, and dedicated constitutional law attorneys take stand and challenge the illegal detentions and stops of motorcyclists through federally funded road blocks, the law for once may actually be on our side. For those who enjoy reading about the constitution and your rights, the Tennessee Supreme Court Cases of State of Tennessee v. Downey and State of Tennessee v. Hicks will increase your knowledge as to why these roadblocks can successfully be defeated in Tennessee. You can access these cases through the hyperlinks provided below.

It is important for all riders to know that when on the road, attempts to challenge police authority will seldom result in any positive results. I admire those who desire to assert their constitutional freedom but it is important to realize that it may come at a cost when on the side of the road. The place for a meaningful win and to put a more significant stop to these abuses and waste of tax dollars will come in a different setting than on the side of the road, as it will take place in the court room, through the assertion of rights guaranteed by our Constitution.
Be safe and keep the wheels rolling,
Frank Lannom
State v. Downey, 945 S.W.2d 102 (Tenn. 1997):

State v. Hicks, 55 S.W.3d 515 (Tenn. 2001)

STATE OF TENNESSEE v. BOBBY CRUTCHER - This is an appeal by the State of Tennessee from the judgment of the intermediate appellate court affirming the suppression of evidence in the trial court below.[1] The sole issue is whether the warrantless police search of the appellee’s motorcycle violated his rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I, section 7 of the Tennessee Constitution. The State contends that the suppression of evidence was improper because the search in question was incident to a lawful arrest. For the reasons that follow, we conclude that the appellee, Bobby Crutcher, was not under arrest at the time of the police search. Accordingly, we affirm both the trial court and the Court of Criminal Appeal’s determination that the search was not incident to a lawful arrest. The evidence obtained from the search was properly suppressed. On October 19, 1995, Officer Frank Moniz of the Gallatin Police Department observed three motorcyclists drive away from a traffic light at an excessive rate of speed. The officer activated his emergency flashing equipment and pulled over two of the speeding motorcyclists. However, the third motorcycle, driven by the appellee, accelerated even more in an attempt to flee from the pursuing officer. Officer Moniz gave chase to the appellee and the two vehicles reached speeds of one hundred (100) miles per hour. April 12, 1999

CONDUCTING EFFECTIVE ROADBLOCKS - By the Municipal Technical Advisory Service at University of Tennessee

"Those who give up liberty for security shall receive neither."
-Old Ben Franklin

"There's a report out tonight that 24-years ago I was apprehended in Kennebunkport, Maine, for a DUI. That's an accurate story. I'm not proud of that. I oftentimes said that years ago I made some mistakes. I occasionally drank too much and I did on that night. I was pulled over. I admitted to the policeman that I had been drinking. I paid a fine. And I regret that it happened. But it did. I've learned my lesson."
—President George W. Bush, CNN Larry King Live, November 2, 2000

"Cheney’s first DWI conviction came in November 1962 when he was 21. According to the docket from Cheyenne’s Municipal Court, Cheney was arrested for drunkenness and 'operating motor vehicle while intoxicated.' A Cheyenne Police Judge found Cheney guilty of the two charges and hit him with a 30-day suspension of his driver’s license. Cheney also had to forfeit a $150 bond posted at the time of his arrest. Further information about the case - such as the defendant’s blood alcohol content or whether Cheney was jailed following the arrest - is unavailable since other court records from that period have been destroyed, according to Wyoming officials. Details of Cheney’s second Wyoming arrest in July 1963, have also fallen victim to time and records destruction practices at the local Municipal Court. But a police arrest card maintained by the Rock Springs Police Department shows that Cheney was fined $100 for his second DWI conviction. The card lists the charge against Cheney, who was then working as a groundman laying power lines, as “11-44,” the criminal code classification for drunken driving, according to Police Chief Neil Kourbelas. At the time of the Rock Springs arrest, Kourbelas said that local cops and judges would not have known that young Cheney was a repeat offender. The police department, Kourbelas said, “wouldn’t have had the ability to automatically check with other jurisdictions to find out if anyone had prior arrests or convictions. We could have arrested Jack the Ripper back then and had no idea what he had done.”
—Allen Trapp,, Top 50 DUI Arrests of All-Time, February 16, 2007 -- Dick Cheney DUI arrests blotter

"Let me start with law enforcement contacts with respect to traffic stops, for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Fifth amendment of the Bill of Rights states that we are not to be forced to incrimnate ourselves. The actual wording is, you cannot be compelled to be a witness against yourself. If you are stopped for suspicion of DUI, these are your rights regardless of the laws of your state. First of all, you are to deny having consumed any alcoholic beverages whatsoever. You are never to admit to having one or two drinks. If you admit to consuming even one drop of alcohol, you open the door to 'probable cause', allowing the police officer to search your car for open containers. Next, you are never to submit to a Field Sobriety Test. You are to refuse to do so. They cannot make you walk the line, they cannot make you balance or anything else. Now when you are arrested, you are to refuse to allow a blood-alcohol test, regardless of what state law 'requires', such as revocation of driving priveleges for a period of time. That's an attempt to compel you to be a witness against yourself. Supreme Court decisions in this area are very specific with regards to your rights as folows: Lefkowitz vs Turley, and the Fifth Amendment, provides that no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, and permits him to refuse to any any other qustions put to him in any other proceeding, civil or criminal, formal or informal, where the answers might incriminate him in future criminal proceedings."
—George Gordon Law Hour, The Policeman is not your friend - He is your adversary, October 30, 2007

“A good prosecutor gets a guilty man convicted, but a great prosecutor gets an innocent man convicted.”
—Dallas County district attorney general Henry Wade (Roe v Wade with 50-million Americans genocided so far; Lee "I'm Just A Patsy" Oswald murdered in Dallas Police station by Kosher Nostra mobster Jacob "Jack Ruby" Rubenstein, same police station President JFK Sr was murdered in front of, same police station Jack Ruby died in after winning a new trial date)

"Strictly speaking, a driver can register a BAC of 0.00% and still be convicted of a DUI. The level of BAC does not clear a driver when it is below the 'presumed level of intoxication.'"
—Tennessee Driver Handbook and Driver License Study Guide, 1990 to 2010

"One of the major defects in many methods of blood-alcohol analysis is the failure to identify ethanol to the exclusion of all other chemical compounds. Thus a client with other compounds in his blood or breath may have a high 'blood-alcohol' reading with little or no ethanol in his body. If you look at the warranties - it is sort of interesting - none of the breath machine manufacturers warrant these things to actually test blood alcohol."
—Lawrence Taylor, attorney at law, DUICENTER.COM, Drunk Driving Defense, 5th Edition (2000)

"Nancy Benoit also had a blood alcohol reading of .184, although Sperry said the blood alcohol and drug levels could be affected by the decomposition of her body. 'These (blood alcohol) results are not reliable for interpretation because the amount of alcohol in her system could have all come from the decomposition.'"
—Cindy Morley, Fayette Daily News, GBI: Chris Benoit's son was full of Xanax, July 18, 2007

"In a dark but little-known chapter of U.S. history, the federal government ordered the poisoning of alcohol supplies to deter and punish those who sought to flout Prohibition-era bans. Starting in 1906, the United States began requiring manufacturers of industrial ethanol to put the chemical through a process to distinguish it from the identical substance found in alcoholic beverages. After the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcohol was banned by the 18th Amendment and the government cracked down on smuggling operations, bootleggers turned to chemistry to keep their customers supplied. A simple process was used to extract toxic chemicals from the industrial alcohol used in paints, solvents, fuels and medicine, and this relatively clean alcohol was then used to make beverages. By the mid-1920s, an estimated 60 million gallons of industrial alcohol were being stolen per year. In response, the administration of President Calvin Coolidge ordered industry to add higher levels of more difficult-to-remove poisons to their alcohol, including acetone, benzene, cadmium, camphor, carbolic acid, chloroform, ether, formaldehyde, gasoline, iodine, kerosene, methyl alcohol, mercury salts, nicotine, quinine and zinc. Shortly after the institution of this campaign, 31 people were poisoned to death over the course of the Christmas holiday in New York City alone. Historians estimate that a total of 10,000 people were killed by the program before Prohibition ended in 1933."
—David Gutierrez, Natural News, U.S. govt. poisoned its own citizens during Prohibition, June 19, 2010 [Correction: US Govt and BATF still add deadly poisons to denatured alcohol that kills 1,000s of people]

"All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level to the perception of the least intelligent of those towards whom it intends to direct itself. If the German people cannot win, they deserve to disappear."
—Adolf Hitler Schicklegruber Rothschild, Jewish AshkeNazi NAZI dictator

"I saw two officers as before, who rode up to me, with their pistols in their hands, said God damn you stop, if go an Inch further, you are a dead Man, and swore if we did not turn in to that pasture, they would blow our brains out. Major Mitchel of the 5th Regt clapd his Pistol to my head, and said he was going to ask me some questions, if I did not tell the truth, he would blow my brains out. I told him I esteemed myself a man of truth, that he had stopped me on the highway, & made me a prisoner, I knew not by what right; I would tell him the truth; I was not afraid."
—Colonel Paul Revere, owner of RevereWare¨, sworn affidavit: "Memorandum on Events of April 18, 1775" (declassified Top Secret), while under arrest (and subsequent escape) from Redcoat martial-law traffic police at Minute Man National Historic Park, Paul Revere Capture Site, on the eve of the American Revolutionary War and kicking off the Battle of Lexington and Concord, against the army, navy and courts of King George III, heriditary dictator of England who attempted "gun control" by an Assault Weapons Ban of defensive 50-caliber muskets and cannon, Paul Revere's Ride, by David Hackett Fischer

Battle of Athens TN in 1946, when 500 citizens opened fire with full-auto machine guns against 300 deputies and the sheriff, arresting the deputies and sheriff, even bombing the jail with dynomite, then were rewared by Congress and the White House, and promoted to sheriff, all because of bogus speeding tickets.

"Mr. Speaker, my subject today is whether America is a police state. If we are, what are we going to do about it? Most police states, surprisingly, come about through the democratic process with majority support. The masses are easily led to believe that security and liberty are mutually exclusive, and demand for security far exceeds that for liberty. Our government already keeps close tabs on just about everything we do and requires official permission for nearly all of our activities. One might take a look at our Capitol for any evidence of a police state. We see: barricades, metal detectors, police, military soldiers at times, dogs, ID badges required for every move, vehicles checked at airports and throughout the Capitol. The people are totally disarmed, except for the police and the criminals. But worse yet, surveillance cameras in Washington are everywhere to ensure our safety. Like gun control, people control hurts law-abiding citizens much more than the law-breakers. Centralized control and regulations are required in a police state. Not only do we need a license to drive, but we also need special belts, bags, buzzers, seats and environmentally dictated speed limits. Or a policeman will be pulling us over to levy a fine, and he will be toting a gun for sure. Let's reject the police state."
—Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, MD (R-TX, 1988 Libertarian Party candidate for President, Landslide GOP candidate for president in 2008), speech in House of Representatives, United States Congress, "Are We Doomed To Be a Police State?" June 27, 2002

"Government control of communications and transportation."
-Communist Manifesto, 6th Plank, written for jewish banksters by jew Karl Marx in London England in the heart of the 53-nation British Empire (owned by jew bankster Lord Rothschild since the Battle of Waterloo, the same jew families that own the private "Federal" Reserve Bank that counterfeits all "US dollars" and steals all fed income taxes, and just stole $30-trillion of your taxdollars from Congress in the past 2 years via Bushobama's Bankster Bailout Bills)

"The Right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways by automobile is not a mere privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but the common Right which he has under his Right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, under Constitutional guarantee."
-II Am.Jur. (1st) Constitutional Law, Sect.329

"Complete freedom of the highways is so old and well established a blessing that we have forgotten the days of the Robber Barons and toll roads, and yet, under an act like this, arbitrarily administered, the highways may be completely monopolized, if, through lack of interest, the people submit, then they may look to see the most sacred of their liberties taken from them one by one, by more or less rapid encroachment."
-Justice Tolman, Supreme Court of the State of Washington, Robertson vs. Department of Public Works, 180 Wash 133, 147

"Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them."
-Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 US 436, 491

"The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime."
-Miller v. US, 230 F 486, 489

2. to steal; filch. 3. to buy (narcotics). 4. cop out, a. to avoid one's responsibility, the fulfillment of a promise, etc.; renege; back out. 5. cop a plea, a. to plead guilty or confess in return for receiving a lighter sentence. b. to plead guilty to a lesser charge; plea-bargain.
-Random House Unabridged Dictionary.

Tennessee Auditors Arrive, 48 Blount Sheriff cars missing - "The state auditor arrived in the County a few weeks ago. The auditor was able to find only 239 vehicles. What happened to the other 48 vehicles? But the Sheriff wants the taxpayers to support a tax increase, so that he can have even more money to spend next year. Does this make sense to you?"

Cops get $200,000 salary, cities file for bankruptcy in federal court

Georgia bill to ban driver licenses, which denies cops and courts jurisdiction for traffic tickets

Police Officer Jack McLamb and US Supreme Court say you have a Constitutional Right to Travel without a Driver License Contract

75% of judges lack a license to practice law, so how do judges require a license to drive? Ticket Defense Info

The Prohibition Times - America's secret history of the current Prohibition of alcohol, a responsible driver's survival guide

"You haven't lived until you've heard a live police chase, on a car radio in a car you're driving."
—Danny Bonnaduce, a/k/a Danny Patridge, VH1 100 Top Child Stars


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