Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Ten Commandmentz


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Undercover speed traps at the Gap

Looks like governor Bill Haslam wants to ban all bikes again when he retires to his 10,000 VIP gated resort on the Dragon, with his private maximum-security airport. Unless teh 100 FBI and IRS agents who raided his family business Pilot Flying J want to put him in prison first.

What amazed me was the police presence on Saturday, July 7th. Nasty, heavy rain and multiple undercover units and one BCSO cruiser. Couldn't believe it. The BCRS was chilling at CROT. I got stuck behind one of the undercover units and he kept us at or below 25 mph. When he did hit the gas, he hit it hard and momma did not raise a dummy. Not going to "chase" an unmarked vehicle with gov't plates. Sure nuff... few turns later I saw BCSO ready to pull out. I waived as I rode past at 28mph. Starting to remind me of the 2007 season.
-DJFireUSA, July 2013, ETR An interesting bit of change to the gap?

They want to construct a muti-agency HQ up there as well. If they can get a 300,000 starter fund in place. Maybe Ron and Nancy will lend them some space.

The Blount County Rescue Squad is embarking on a $300,000 fundraising campaign to build a public service building on The Dragon. The building could be used by the rescue squad, Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Blount County Sheriff's Office. In 2012, there were four fatalities on The Dragon, but none so far this year.
-WATE TV, New safety measures in place on The Dragon's dangerous curves, 5 July 2013

No fatilities because nobody goes to the Dragon anymore. Guess the AMA's Million Man Boycott of Blount County is having the desired effect.

Still 10-million fatilities per year from medical doctors. USA USA USA!!! Just think of how many cops they kill?!