Tuesday, August 13, 2013

British Superbikes

Been there done that, on 4 wheels not 2 unfortunately, usually.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

4-hour 'rescue' kills another biker on the Dragon

Slower vehicles refusing to obey pulloffs, use of rear brake, failure to countersteer, lack of body armor, bankrupt 4-hour ambulance taxi service and a crooked sheriff cause many injuries and fatalities on the Dragon

Sheriff identifies motorcyclist killed on "The Dragon"

(WBIR-Blount County) The Blount County Sherriff's Department has identified the victim killed in a Saturday night crash on "The Dragon."

Sheriff James Lee Berrong said Patrick Brian Noll, 46, of Dallas, Georgia, had passed a slower bike and started slowing down for a left-hand curve when the rear wheel locked.

Noll went into a straight line skid and flew off the motorcyle into a large tree.

He was wearing a Department of Transportation compliant motorcylce helmet.

The Sheriff's Office Traffic Safety Unit is investigating the fatal crash.

Original Story:

(WBIR - Blount County) Blount County Sheriff's Department confirmed that a man driving a motorcycle was killed Saturday night after crashing on "The Dragon."

Blount County dispatch told 10News they received a call about the wreck at mile marker 9 on U.S. Route 129 around 7 p.m Saturday.

Witnesses told 10News it appeared the victim's back wheel on his motorcycle locked up. They said he then skidded off the road, went off an embankment and hit a tree.

Witnesses said they helped perform CPR but made the decision to stop shortly before first responders arrived on the scene.

Officials told 10News they believe this is the first fatality this year on "The Dragon."

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Sheriff Comments:

"I’ll burn your house down, set your dog on fire and there won’t be a member of your family left, do you understand me? I won’t hire it done, I will do it myself! Do you understand me?”
-Blount County sheriff James Berrong firing his secretary in the Blount County Justice Center, United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit, Nuchols v. Berrong, No. 04-5645, July 11, 2005

The 4-hour ambulance "rescue" is a popular tool for killer cops who want "criminals" to die for lack of medical treatment, judging by those daily news reports, especially in East TN where THP troopers were arrested for murder by blocking rescue to crash victims. Our soon-to-be-indicted governor's family business was recently raided by 100 FBI and IRS agents and owns 10,000 acres on the Dragon for his private gated VIP resort "nature conservancy" with its maximum-security private airport, so 18 cops per 11 miles are ordered to ethnically clense all bikers and biker businesses from the Dragon, according to TDOT report at Dragonaters. Funny how European Rural Metro ambulance corporation filed bankruptcy despite trillions of dollars in annual revenue.
-The Dragonater

Rural/Metro to Burchett: Bankruptcy filing won't curtail Knox County service

August 5, 2013

Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett saw no need for alarm Monday over news that Rural/Metro Corp. announced it had filed for bankruptcy protection as it seeks to reorganize.

In a prepared statement, Burchett said he had been in touch with officials from the company that provides ambulance service to all county residents and business and fire protection for those outside the city of Knoxville.

“I have been in touch with Rural/Metro’s leadership and they’ve assured me that their operations in Knox County will continue as normal,” Burchett said. “Their contract with Knox County contains provisions in the event that they are unable to fulfill their obligations. If their obligations are not met, Knox County will take appropriate action. In the meantime, my staff and I will continue to monitor Rural/Metro’s financial situation.”

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Rural/Metro announced Monday that it has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. This comes after Rural/Metro announced Thursday that it had elected to skip an interest payment on unsecured bonds that was due July 15. This was done as part of an effort to realign its capital structure and operations, the company said in a statement.

Mayor’s spokesman Michael Grider said Thursday that the county was keeping tabs on Rural/Metro’s situation and if the company was no longer able to provide ambulance service, the county would take steps to cancel the contract and find another provider.

In 2012, American Medical Response, another ambulance company, had sought the contract with Knox County, and contested the awarding of the five-year contract to Rural/Metro. Contacted Monday for a response to the Rural/Metro bankruptcy issue, AMR spokesman Mike Cohen said the company did not wish to comment.

In announcing its bankruptcy filing, Rural/Metro gave assurances its East Tennessee operations, including serving Knox, Blount and Loudon, counties, would continue.

“All operations in East Tennessee will continue as usual,” Rural/Metro of East Tennessee Division Manager Rob Webb said in a statement. “Rural/Metro will continue to meet all of our contractual obligations, including maintaining excellent medical and fire protection services to the citizens we serve here.”

The company said it had reached agreement in principal on a comprehensive financial restructuring plan that will reduce its funded indebtedness by about 50 percent by converting certain debt to equity and cutting its interest expense in half.

“We expect to move through this process quickly and to be a stronger, more competitive and more profitable organization,” Rural/Metro Corp. CEO Scott A. Bartos said in a statement.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Undercover speed traps at the Gap

Looks like governor Bill Haslam wants to ban all bikes again when he retires to his 10,000 VIP gated resort on the Dragon, with his private maximum-security airport. Unless teh 100 FBI and IRS agents who raided his family business Pilot Flying J want to put him in prison first.

What amazed me was the police presence on Saturday, July 7th. Nasty, heavy rain and multiple undercover units and one BCSO cruiser. Couldn't believe it. The BCRS was chilling at CROT. I got stuck behind one of the undercover units and he kept us at or below 25 mph. When he did hit the gas, he hit it hard and momma did not raise a dummy. Not going to "chase" an unmarked vehicle with gov't plates. Sure nuff... few turns later I saw BCSO ready to pull out. I waived as I rode past at 28mph. Starting to remind me of the 2007 season.
-DJFireUSA, July 2013, ETR An interesting bit of change to the gap?

They want to construct a muti-agency HQ up there as well. If they can get a 300,000 starter fund in place. Maybe Ron and Nancy will lend them some space.

The Blount County Rescue Squad is embarking on a $300,000 fundraising campaign to build a public service building on The Dragon. The building could be used by the rescue squad, Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Blount County Sheriff's Office. In 2012, there were four fatalities on The Dragon, but none so far this year.
-WATE TV, New safety measures in place on The Dragon's dangerous curves, 5 July 2013

No fatilities because nobody goes to the Dragon anymore. Guess the AMA's Million Man Boycott of Blount County is having the desired effect.

Still 10-million fatilities per year from medical doctors. USA USA USA!!! Just think of how many cops they kill?!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monkey bites pig during traffic stop (porky now wears videocam eyeglasses)

In a scenario that might send people rushing their local exotic pet shop, an unsuspecting Texas police officer was assaulted by the most unlikely of aggressors after administering a speeding ticket to a motorist.

Aransas Pass, TX rookie officer Keith Moore captured the incident on a camera mounted to his sunglasses.

After reaching into the vehicle to ask the driver for his signature, he pulled back swiftly and in surprise after a monkey jumped out of the back seat and bit his hand.

“A monkey bit me,” officer Keith told his sergeant upon returning to his squad vehicle. “His monkey attacked me… He had a monkey and it bit my hand.”

King5 reported the officer sustained only a minor scratch and that the primate in question was actually a traveling performer who apparently didn’t take too kindly to revenue generating public servants violating due process laws.

The monkey was forced to get a rabies shot.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Illegal alien kills biker while drunk, NC gives driver licenses to all illegal aliens

BTW the legal limit for every driver in every state is 0.00% BAC according to Tennessee Highway Patrol and every judge in USA

1 April 2013

Illegal Immigrant DUI Killer Ruled Incompetent Because Of His ‘Unique Cultural Background’

A self-confessed illegal immigrant in Milford, Mass., faces up to 15 years if found guilty of vehicular homicide but it’s a big “If.” As it stands right now, Nicolas D. Gauman has been found incompetent to stand trial because he doesn’t speak English and doesn’t understand the American legal system. Critics say Guaman had an accomplice – Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

In August 2011, 34-year-old Ecuadorean Nicolas Guaman, who admits he’s in the country illegally, decided to get behind the wheel of a borrowed 2004 black Ford pick-up truck and go for a drive. The only problem was he was drunk, at nearly three times the legal limit.

Guaman allegedly failed to yield at a stop sign and struck a motorcycle being driven by 23-year-old Matthew J. Denice. Denice was trapped under the wheels and pulled under Guaman’s truck, and Guaman continued to drive, attempting to flee the scene, dragging Denice more than a quarter-mile. Gauman finally ran his truck up on a curb and dislodged Denice’s body… and then backed his truck over it while he was trying to escape.

Officers pursued Guaman down several roads in Milford before he was finally apprehended. Officer Angel Arce said Guaman had “bloodshot and glassy eyes,” and there were several Budweiser beer cans inside the truck. Guaman’s 6-year-old son was also in the truck and when he got out he started punching and kicking the police officers, yelling at them to leave his father alone.

Guaman was arrested and faces a laundry-list of charges, including: Negligent vehicular homicide while driving under the influence of liquor, leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury and death, possession of an open container of alcohol in a vehicle, failure to stop for police, unlicensed driving, failure to yield at a stop sign, resisting arrest and wanton or reckless conduct creating risk to a child.

Denice, who had recently graduated from Framingham State University and hoped to get a job in law enforcement, was pronounced dead at Milford Regional Medical Center.

“It’s a distressing event,” said Milford Police Chief Thomas O’Loughlin. “You have a young man, his whole future ahead of him. He was 23, just finishing college, by all accounts a good guy. Professionally, it was a horrific scene to be involved in. … Your heart aches for the family.”

At the time of his arrest, Guaman was ordered held on $100,000 cash bail and on Thursday, April 11, 2013, Judge Janet Kinton-Walker, appointed by Gov. Deval Patrick in 2009, ruled that he was incompetent to stand trial because “Guaman’s ‘unique cultural background’ and language barrier means that he doesn’t understand the court process. The court also said that he lacks the ability to consult with his attorney properly.”

Others seem to have a lot of sympathy for poor Mr. Guaman. A local business owner said Guaman was a “hard-worker” and had been his customer for five years. Guaman’s wife said she hoped her husband would be deported to Ecuador “so he doesn’t have to suffer here.”

And Eva Millona, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, said she was worried. “We seem to continue to lose supporters,” she said, and added that it was unfair to connect drunk driving with illegal immigration. “Drunk driving is another issue, and people should be punished for it,” she said. “But immigration status has nothing to do with it.”

But this isn’t Guaman’s first time in court. According to O’Loughlin, Guaman had three previous arrests for driving without a license. “He’d also served one year of probation from May 2008 to May 2009 for charges that included assault and battery on a police officer and assault on a firefighter after a 2008 incident in which he interfered with the treatment of a family member who had allegedly attempted to enter someone else’s home,” O’Loughlin said.

Obviously, Guaman has plenty of experience with the American legal system, and if he’s been in this country since at least 2008 he probably also has a pretty good command of the English language, at least enough to convince a judge he only needed one year of probation after assaulting a police officer and a firefighter after already being arrested for several other crimes..

Critics say if it weren’t for Gov. Deval Patrick’s refusal to participate in the Federal State “Secure Communities” program, Guaman would have been deported long ago and Matthew Denice would still be alive.

In June of 2011, Patrick decided that Massachusetts would not participate in a federal program called “Secure Communities.” This program allows state and local law enforcement agencies to forward arrestee fingerprints to Homeland Security to check for immigration violations. Patrick’s reason for non-participation was because he felt the federal program “casts too wide a net,” and immigrants with no criminal histories might be wrongly deported.

However, Governor Patrick says this case is all about “grandstanding and headlines”, and that Massachusetts already sends fingerprints of arrestees to the F.B.I., which is free to share them with immigration agents. And once a criminal is convicted and arrives in state prison his fingerprints are automatically sent to the immigration agency.

According to the Secure Communities web page, the program utilizes an already-existing federal information-sharing partnership between ICE and the FBI to help identify criminal aliens. As long as the local authorities submit fingerprints to the FBI they’ll be automatically sent to DHS to check against immigration databases.

If that’s the case then Guaman should have been deported years ago, assuming Gov. Patrick is right when he says all fingerprints are sent to the federal government. So who’s really dropping the ball here, Gov. Patrick or the Department of Homeland Security?

North Carolina debuts driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants

From Gustavo Valdes, CNN
Mon March 25, 2013

Raleigh, North Carolina (CNN) -- Olegario Rodriguez arrived at the DMV long before the doors opened Monday. He wanted to claim the first spot in line.

As he waited in near-freezing temperatures, he skimmed a driver's ed manual, trying to soak in last-minute details.

"I need my license," said Rodriguez, 25. "When you drive without a license, you get into a lot of trouble, and I don't want any trouble."

Rodriguez has been granted deferred action under the Obama administration's program for young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children. But until this week, getting a driver's license was out of reach.

On Monday, North Carolina -- the state where he now lives after coming to the United States from Mexico 15 years ago --- debuted new driver's licenses designed for those that have qualified under the federal program.

Officials originally had proposed putting a thick pink stripe on the licenses to make it clear that the holders were undocumented immigrants and not U.S. citizens.

But transportation officials changed course away from that idea, which some immigrant rights advocates said amounted to a discriminatory "scarlet letter."

The new licenses that debuted Monday denote the deferred-action immigrants as "limited term" and "legal presence/no lawful status" in smaller, red letters.

"This final design will allow for ease of implementation by keeping the coding used in the production process consistent with other licenses," a state government spokesman said.

The state's transportation secretary said officials had one goal in mind.

"This program is about accountability and safety, making our roads safer for all North Carolinians," Transportation Secretary Tony Tata said in a written statement.

Different states, different rules

For months, driver's licenses and other state benefits have been at the heart of a battle in the nationwide immigration debate.

Supporters of licenses for undocumented immigrants argue that it's safer to have more drivers trained and insured, and opponents argue that such systems are rife with fraud.

In January, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez said she would push to repeal the state law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses. That same month, the governor of Illinois signed a new law that would allow undocumented immigrants to get temporary licenses.

In at least 38 states, officials have said recipients of deferred action are eligible for driver's licenses, according to the National Immigration Law Center. But in some states, like Arizona and Nebraska, officials have stepped up efforts to stop licenses from being issued, the law center said.

In North Carolina, even though the new licenses weren't the "scarlet letter" many immigrant advocates feared, some still criticized the state's approach.

"This new look is a huge step in the right direction," Raul Pinto, staff attorney for the ACLU of North Carolina, said in a statement.

But Pinto said the organization had lingering concerns.

"We still question the necessity of including distinguishing language such as 'no lawful status' on the licenses and will be watching closely to see how these changes are implemented," he said.

Immigrants debate design

Rodriguez said he was grateful to get a license, but wished it had a different design that didn't mention his immigration status.

"I can't deny that there is a lot of discrimination in this country," he said. "I would rather it (the license) didn't have those words but there is nothing I can do."

Montserrat Manta, an undocumented immigrant, said she didn't plan to get one of the new licenses, even though she would be eligible.

"I've been discriminated (against) too many times and I don't want to give them that pleasure again," she said.

Others said they didn't mind.

"I have always driven illegally, so it does not bother me that they put this on it," said Cinthia Marroqin, who also waited in line at a Raleigh DMV Monday. "Because I know who I am, and am not afraid."

Carlos Zuniga, who was also one of the first people in line at the Raleigh office Monday, said he hoped getting a driver's license would open doors for him.

"A license is very important to get better work, and to be treated better," he said.

Some said they were hoping to push for all undocumented immigrants to have the chance to drive.

Maria Rios said she came to the DMV Monday because she was the only one in her house who could get a license.

"But my parents and others also need one," she said, "to go to work and make a living."

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Red Dawn: Commie China kills motorbike racing on Speed TV in USA

Speed TV End of Days of Thunder, replaced by Fox Sports 1, shifting focus away from motorsports engineering manufacturing to steroid-head roid-rage blood-doping rigged sports

SPEED TV to be Replaced by Fox Sports 1; Future of Televised Motorcycle Racing in US in Doubt

Fox Sports Media Group announced it is relaunching the Speed channel as Fox Sports 1, shifting focus away from motorsports to more mainstream sports.

Speed will officially change to Fox Sports 1 on Aug. 17, becoming a 24-hour sports channel competing against the likes of ESPN, the CBS Sports Network and the NBC Sports Network. The change had been rumored to be coming for some time now, gaining steam in October 2012 when Speed lost the U.S. broadcasting rights to Formula 1 racing. Speed also lost the rights to air World Superbike racing which has since been picked up by beIN Sport.

Fox Sports 1 has already signed up the broadcast rights to a number of sports properties including college basketball, college football, soccer and UFC. A new rights agreement with Major League Baseball takes effect in 2014.

“Our ‘secret,’ admittedly a very poorly kept one, is now revealed,” says Eric Shanks, co-president and chief operating officer of FSMG. “Fans are ready for an alternative to the establishment, and our goal for FS1 is to provide the best in-game experience possible, complemented by informative news, entertaining studio shows and provocative original programming.”

As for racing coverage, the only motorsports property confirmed in the announcement is NASCAR. RoadRacingWorld reports Speed has the rights to MotoGP for the 2013 season which extends past the Aug. 17 changeover date, though that is no guarantee that it will be retained. In recent years, Speed also held the television rights to AMA Supercross and AMA Superbike. It remains to be seen what will happen to the U.S. television rights to these and other motorcycle racing properties.

If Fox Sports 1 does air MotoGP or other motorcycle properties, viewers may get to see races uninterrupted by commercials as FSMG says it will expand use of the new “double box” commercial format. The “double box” format displays divides the screen into two parts with commercials airing in the larger section. The smaller second section meanwhile continues to air footage of the event. Fox experimented with this format during coverage of NASCAR and other sports and seems happy with its results.

[Source: Fox Sports Media Group]

Communist China has owned Fox since 1999, when Sir Rupert Murdoch, Australian Knight of the British Empire, married Comunist Chinese intelligence operative Deng Wen Di, a/k/a Wendi Deng, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party and citizen of Communist China. The Murdochs now live in Bejing, the capital of Communist China. The Murdochs own Fox News, Direct TV, TV Guide Channel, MySpace, The Sun pornographic 'newspaper', Wall Street Journal and DOW Jones (to sell propaganda promoting the export of US factories and jobs as 'good' for USA). Since the Communist Manifesto bans ownership of private property, the Communist Party of China now owns Speed TV. The Commie Manifesto was written by Karl Marx in London England. The 6th Plank of the Communist Manifesto is "Govt control of communications and transporation". Now you know why NASCRAPTV (Commie Fox) killed Buell."
-The Dragonater

Man wins $15-million for drunk driving arrest

Stephen Slevin was held in solitary confinement for 22 months after a DWI. The photo on the left shows him after his detainment; on the right is his booking photo, when he was healthier and clean-shaven. Beware the Drunk Driving Prhibition War on America

"Strictly speaking, a driver can register a BAC of 0.00% and still be convicted of a DUI. The level of BAC does not clear a driver when it is below the 'presumed level of intoxication.'"
Tennessee Driver Handbook and Driver License Study Guide

Man left in solitary confinement for 2 years gets $15.5 million settlement

By Elizabeth Chuck
NBC News
6 March 2013

A man who spent 22 long months in solitary confinement in a New Mexico jail, neglected to the point where he was forced to pull out his own tooth because he said he wasn't allowed to see a dentist, will receive $15.5 million for the ordeal.

The settlement with Dona Ana County, N.M., falls short of the $22 million that Stephen Slevin, 59, and his attorney had asked for, but is still one of the largest prisoner civil rights payouts in U.S. history.

"His mental health has been severely compromised from the time he was in that facility. That continues to be the same. No amount of money will bring back what they took away from him," Matt Coyte, Slevin's Albuquerque-based attorney, said on Wednesday. "But it’s nice to be able to get him some money so he can improve where he is in life and move on."

Slevin's story of inhumane treatment in the Dona Ana County Jail, where he was incarcerated from 2005 to 2007 — which he said included his toenails growing so long that they curled around his foot, and fungus festering on his skin because he was deprived of showers — first received publicity last January, when he was awarded the $22 million.

Dona Ana County had been appealing the verdict ever since, refusing to pay Slevin.

But the legal battle ended Tuesday with the $15.5 million settlement, a number decided on in court mediation, according to Jess Williams, Dona Ana County's public information director.

An initial payment of $6 million is expected to be wired to Slevin by the end of this week; he will receive the rest in installments in the following days.

For Slevin — who has lung cancer and has beaten doctors' odds for how long he would survive — the case was not about how much money he could make, his attorney said, but about getting recognition of how poorly he was treated and the scars he still has.

"He's had lots of difficulties over the years. I don't think he will stop having difficulties," Coyte said. "The courage he had in the trial was magnificent." Slevin's mistreatment by Dona Ana County started the moment he was arrested back in August of 2005, his attorney told NBC News.

"He was driving through New Mexico and arrested for a DWI, and he allegedly was in a stolen vehicle. Well, it was a car he had borrowed from a friend; a friend had given him a car to drive across the country," Coyte said in an interview last January.

Slevin was depressed at the time, Coyte explained, and wanted to get out of New Mexico. Instead, he found himself in jail.

"When he gets put in the jail, they think he's suicidal, and they put him in a padded cell for three days, but never give him any treatment."

Nor did they give him a trial, Coyte said. Slevin said he never saw a judge during his time in confinement.

After three days in the padded cell, jail guards transferred Slevin into solitary confinement with no explanation.

"Their policy is to then just put them in solitary" if they appear to have mental health issues, Coyte told NBC News.

While in solitary confinement, a prisoner is entitled to one hour per day out of the cell, but often times, Slevin wasn't even granted that, Coyte said.

"Your insanity builds. Some people holler or throw feces out their cell doors," he said. "Others rock back and forth under a blanket for a year or more, which is what my client did."

By the time Slevin got out of jail, his hair was shaggy and overgrown, his beard long, and his face pale and sunken, a drastic contrast from the clean-shaven booking photo taken of him when he was arrested two years prior.

"Without that picture, we couldn't have gotten where we were," Coyte said of the lawsuit.

Coyte would not reveal where Slevin is living now for privacy reasons, only saying that he was not in New Mexico. He said he receives support from family and is "doing well" and "feels optimistic" about his treatment for cancer, which is unrelated to his time in jail and was not a factor in his trial.

Williams, the Dona Ana County public information officer, said no jail personnel have been fired over Slevin's treatment. However, he said, the jail has been working to improve the care it provides for mentally ill inmates.

"We now have dedicated wings of the building, one for males, one for females, that are totally dedicated for closely supervised mental health provisions and care," he said. "We've greatly expanded our medical area and we have contracted out at great expense for both medical and mental health services within the facility."

The budget at Dona Ana County Jail for medical care for inmates has nearly doubled since 2005, the year that Slevin was arrested, Williams said.

In a statement released by the Dona Ana County Commission, the jail also outlined plans for a crisis triage center "that will help stabilize mentally-ill persons who have committed no crimes but who represent a danger to themselves or others in the eyes of law-enforcement professionals."

But for Coyte, Slevin's attorney, there's still one more change that needs to be made: Dona Ana County Jail's warden.

"If you were in the trial and heard what the person who ran the facility said, you would be appalled," Coyte said. "I get lots of people [inmates] calling from that jail asking for help. Am I pleased that they've spent more money in the jail? Absolutely. I'm pleased that Mr. Slevin's case has made a difference in the jail. But the same people are running it, and it's an attitude of how you run something."

Related content:

Man spends 2 years in solitary after DWI arrest

Letters from solitary confinement reveal DWI man's despair

By Elizabeth Chuck, Staff Writer, NBC News

A man arrested for driving while intoxicated and then forced into solitary confinement for two years tried to get help by writing to the jail's nurse, but the only response he got was a dose of sedatives, his lawyer said.

Stephen Slevin, 57, was arrested in August 2005 in New Mexico’s Dona Ana County, charged with aggravated driving while under the influence and possession of a stolen vehicle, although Slevin maintains the car was lent to him by a friend. On Tuesday, a federal jury in Sante Fe awarded him $22 million in damages for enduring inhumane conditions in the Dona Ana County jail, which he emerged from "hollow," Matt Coyte, his lawyer, told msnbc.com on Wednesday.

Slevin had one medical examination after being arrested and was labeled suicidal, his lawyer said. He was jailed in lieu of posting a $40,000 bond.

“They put him in a padded cell for three days, but they never give him any treatment; their policy is to then just put them in solitary” if there are mental health issues, Coyte told msnbc.com Wednesday. •Man spends 2 years in solitary after DWI arrest

Coyte described Slevin in court documents as suffering with lifelong mental illness. He told msnbc.com that at the time of his arrest, Slevin had been depressed, and was borrowing a friend’s car because he wanted to get out of Las Cruces, N.M., where he had been living at the time.

He was physically healthy, but desperate to get treatment for his depression that he had been suffering with prior to being in solitary confinement - a cell with no natural light that prisoners are in 23 hours a day, although often times, guards failed to even grant Slevin his one hour of daily recreation time, his lawyer told msnbc.com.

Slevin sent more than a dozen letters to the jail nurse starting days after he was arrested, NBC affiliate KOB.com reported.

“I have not slept in days,” says one letter from Sept. 4, 2005, a couple weeks into solitary confinement. “I’m in a deep depression.” The letter also mentions his lack of appetite.

His mental decline

Two months later, KOB.com reported, Slevin wrote a letter again pleading for help, saying, “My dreams have been both weird and bizarre.”

By the end of November 2005, he wrote, “I’m afraid to close my eyes.”

Coyte, his lawyer, told KOB that if Slevin got any response at all, it was just to up his sedatives.

“He referred to a ‘Dr. Don’ [in the letters],” Coyte told KOB.com. “There was no doctor looking after him. There was a nurse, the nurse practitioner.”

But the so-called nurse practitioner only had a bachelor’s degree in psychology and no actual medical qualifications, KOB reported.

After a few months, Slevin gave up, writing: “I don’t know how much longer I can go on.”

“That was when he fell into a delirium,” Coyte told KOB.com.

Meanwhile, correspondence with the outside world tapered off as well, Coyte told msnbc.com on Thursday.

“His sister was writing him letters and sending him money,” Coyte said. “She thought he would get out soon enough; she would send him small amounts of money every few weeks.”

But when she didn’t hear back from Slevin, she became concerned. She called the jail, Coyte said, but was not given much information.

“She had no idea the condition he was in,” he said. “She is on the other side of the country with limited means. She wrote letters and he responded at the beginning, but then he lost touch with her. If your family member doesn’t write back, you may feel like they don’t want to talk you anymore; it wouldn’t cross your mind that something like this was happening.”

It wouldn’t be until months later that Slevin’s sister, whose name and location Coyte did not give, found out what her brother was going through: Forced to pull out his own tooth because he was denied access to a dentist, he told reporters on Tuesday. Toenails curling around his foot because they were so long. Basically forgotten about in his dark cell for more than 22 months.

"Jail guards were walking by me every day, watching me deteriorate," Slevin told KOB.com. "Day after day after day, they did nothing, nothing at all, to get me any help."

Slevin’s sister and other family members actively fought for his release near the end of his detainment once they became aware of his plight, Coyte told msnbc.com Thursday.

“It was her and his aunt and various other family members who were calling legislators, calling county commissioners, saying, ‘Where’s my brother?’” he said.

'Deplorable' conditions

The answer, for most of his 22-month detainment, was that he was in “deplorable” conditions of his solitary “pod,” court documents state, except for a 14-day period in May 2007, when he was sent to New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute in Las Vegas, N.M., for a psychiatric review. He had lost a third of his body weight by that point, documents say, and had bed sores and a fungal infection on his skin.

“As your insanity builds, some people holler or throw feces out their cell doors,” Coyte said Wednesday. “Others rock back and forth under a blanket for a year or more, which is what my client did.”

At the Behavioral Health Institute, Slevin was able to shower and to shave his beard, which had grown long and scraggly during his time in solitary, Coyte said. His mood improved. But after two weeks there, he was sent back to his solitary pod in jail for another month, at which point his mental state deteriorated to the point where he was deemed unfit to participate in his defense, and all charges against him were ultimately dismissed. He was released on June 25, 2007.

It's not clear why he was sent back to solitary after his stint in the mental health institute.

Dona Ana County officials were tight-lipped about the case, refusing to answer questions about whether any jail employees were reprimanded or fired over Slevin's treatment.

"We do not discuss personnel issues," Jess Williams, Dona Ana County's public information director, told msnbc.com on Wednesday.

Williams also wouldn't comment on whether the $22 million the county was ordered to pay would come from taxpayer money, saying only, "Dona Ana County will appeal the verdict."

Coyte sued the Dona Ana County Board of County Commissioners, the County Detention Center, and the jail director and former medical director in December 2008. According to court documents, the county jail’s former medical director, Daniel Zemek prescribed “complicated psychotropic medications” to Slevin without ever seeing him, and renewed prescriptions for him for at least 10 months without an in-person visit. Zemek left the county jail but an adequate replacement for him wasn’t provided, the court documents allege, so jail director Chris Barela continued to have Zemek prescribe medication to Slevin, despite not treating him.

John W. Caldwell, the defendants’ attorney, did not return a phone call from msnbc.com on Thursday.

Coyte, Slevin’s attorney, said greed on the county’s part was partially to blame.

“Talk to the [Dona Ana] County Commissioners who were around in 2000 to 2004 who knew this stuff was going on, and didn’t care,” he said. “Another side to this case is this jail was built to make money housing federal detainees. This is a border town. There are a lot of federal detainees from immigration issues, and the jail charges the federal government a particular amount of money for each detainee.”

Slevin was a county inmate.

“Federal inmates got better care than state inmates,” he said. “There would be better psychiatric care for the federal inmates than for the state or county inmates.”

Slevin will take lifelong medication for his PTSD, although he continues to have support from his sister, Coyte said. Court records show he now lives in Virginia Beach, Va.

"There's a report out tonight that 24-years ago I was apprehended in Kennebunkport, Maine, for a DUI. That's an accurate story. I'm not proud of that. I oftentimes said that years ago I made some mistakes. I occasionally drank too much and I did on that night. I was pulled over. I admitted to the policeman that I had been drinking. I paid a fine. And I regret that it happened. But it did. I've learned my lesson."
—Governor George W. Bush, CNN Larry King Live, November 2, 2000 "I'm Barack Obama, the Marxist professor. I spent the last two years of high school in a daze. I drank beer heavily, and tried drugs enthusiastically. Look I uh, when I was a kid , I inhaled, frequently. that was uh, that was the point. Pot helped, and booze. A little blow when you could afford it. Junkie, pothead, that's where I was headed. Now you know that guy ain't shit. Sorry ass motherfuckers got nothin on me, nothin. Shit's gettin way too complicated for me. There are white folks, then there are ignorant motherfuckers like you. You can put lipstick on a pig. You ain't my bitch nigger, buy your own damn fries. That's just how white folks will do ya."
-Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro, Dreams From My Father MP3

How to win in traffic court at DealsGapDragon.com

Friday, January 25, 2013

Blount County deputy convicted of murdering wife

Blount deputy and Rockford PD officer Danny Brewer on trial for murder by alcohol-impaired gunshot. His wife was the second woman this piece of shit cop killed, after running over The Other Jennifer at 100 mph as she walked across the road in front of her home. Any relation to alleged alcoholic crackhead Judge Brewer?

"It was an accident. You gotta get me out of here so I can flee the state! Come with me!"
-Danny Brewer to his lover Pamela Gregory on jailhouse audiotape hours after shotgunning his naked wife dead on their bed

"Hmmmmm..... Ok..... I'm gonna say one thing... Just one .... And if I offend anyone then I DON'T GIVE A F**K!! Ok sooo where's the justice for Jennifer Bean? The first JENNIFER this POS killed? Yea it was a traffic accident... Show remorse and ask forgiveness.... I saw or heard NADA.... But I did see and hear a pitiful excuse of a man say "if she had yielded to my blue lights she would still be alive!" ..... Dash cam showed he was traveling so fast and out of her line of sight she never saw it coming. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THAT!! I feel bad for his children... I'm really not a vengeful person... But I'm on my knees praying that every inmate he meets finds out he's a former police officer.... I hope he sees my sisters face every night in his dreams... I hope he lives a longtime and suffers knowing he took a amazing ladies life... OOOO wait TWO ladies lives..... I would gladly end that suffering for him but he doesn't even deserve that bit of mercy in my book. Did I offend?? Tooo harsh you say... Well in that one single act of neglect he killed my whole family!!! He exploded my world. He crushed two good men. My dad & Bobby Bean both never recovered from that blow of losing my sister!!! So if your disturbed by my comment than tuff shit!! I've had 12 long years of HELL to deal with it. An if there is a God in heaven then he will answer my prayers and let MR BREWER (he is a disgrace to all officers by calling him FORMER) he will let mr brewer get a taste of what HELL will be like!!! I never thought I would truly HATE & would tell my son to never HATE.... It's wrong. But I'm sorry Lord forgive me but I do hate the mere mention of Danny's name."
-Dexie Buck Na-Kid Lowe on Facebook

Former sheriff’s deputy accepts plea deal in wife’s murder, gets 15 years

By J.J. Kindred
Maryville Daily Times
1 November 2012

Alcoa, Tenn. -- A former Blount County Sheriff’s Office deputy has pleaded guilty to the murder of his wife last year.

Danny Ray Brewer, 38, pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of Jennifer Brewer on Sept. 8, 2011, in a plea deal made in front of Judge Tammy Harrington and Assistant District Attorney Shari Tayloe in Blount County Circuit Court this morning.

With his attorney, Tommy Hindman, by his side, Brewer made the plea and agreed to serve a 15-year sentence, including time already served since last September.

Brewer was scheduled for a jury trial on Nov. 13 before he agreed to make the plea deal.

Judge denies bond reduction for ex-Blount County officer accused in wife's killing

By Natalie Neysa Alund
November 9, 2011

MARYVILLE — A former Blount County law-enforcement officer accused of fatally shooting his wife testified Wednesday that if a judge reduced his $950,000 bond and he made bail, he'd appear back in court.

"I'm not gonna run from this. I've never run from anything in my life," Danny Ray Brewer, 37, pleaded from the witness stand during a bond-reduction hearing before Blount County General Sessions Judge Michael Gallegos.

But a recorded jail tape played moments later by Assistant District Attorney General Shari Tayloe proved Brewer a "liar," she said, and in the end, the judge denied the bond-reduction request made by Brewer's public defender, Mack Garner.

"What have you done? Why did you do this?" a woman, Pamela Gregory, on the jail tape asks Brewer just hours after he was arrested on a homicide charge, testimony showed.

"It was an accident. You gotta get me out of here so I can flee the state ... Come with me," Brewer in the tape tells Gregory, who works for AA Bonding Co. in Blount County — a woman he admitted in court Wednesday was his lover of 11 years.

Brewer, of Maryville, is accused of killing his 29-year-old wife, Jennifer Brewer, at their Sevier Avenue apartment Sept. 8. She was taken to Blount Memorial Hospital, where she died. Her husband, a former deputy with the Blount County Sheriff's Office and former officer with the Rockford Police Department, was arrested at the scene.

Court documents show she died as a result of a shotgun blast to her chest, and Blount County Sheriff's Office Detective Sgt. James Trentham on Wednesday testified that when he arrived on the scene, he found Danny Ray Brewer naked in the living room covered in blood.

"He said it never should have happened, the safety wasn't supposed to go off," Trentham testified.

In the jail tape, Brewer tells Gregory: "I didn't mean to do it. She knows it. I saw her face when it happened. I gave her CPR and everything. I tried to save her. I called 911. I screamed for an ambulance. That (SOB) was half-cocked. It went off."

"Do you love me?" Gregory asked.

"I love you enough to run with you." Brewer responded.

Shortly after, Tayloe stopped the tape recording and called Brewer a liar.

"You just can't ignore those statements," Gallegos said, then denied Garner's request to reduce Brewer's bond to $10,000. Gallegos also postponed a preliminary hearing to Dec. 14. Garner had asked for the continuance until he received reports on Jennifer Brewer's autopsy and ballistics tests.

Gregory, who sat in the courtroom Wednesday, declined comment except to say, "I did not volunteer to help him in any way."

Photo by Tom Sherlin | The Daily Times Criminal homicide suspect Danny Ray Brewer is escorted into court Friday by Court officer Randal McKenzie for a hearing in front of Judge Michael Gallegos in Blount County General Sessions Court. Slaying suspect Brewer gets public defender

By Iva Butler
Maryville Daily Times

A former Blount County law enforcement officer appeared in court Friday on criminal homicide charges involving the death of his wife.

Danny Ray Brewer, 37, was appointed a public defender, attorney Mack Garner, to represent him.

Blount County Assistant District Attorney General Shari Tayloe will be the prosecuting attorney.

Brewer and the attorneys are to appear again Friday in the Blount County General Sessions Courtroom of Judge Michael Gallagos to determine how the case will be handled. This will involve such things as setting a date to hear motions.

Bail for Brewer, who has been in Blount County Jail since being taken into custody, remains at $950,000.

Blount deputies answered a call of a shooting at 11:19 a.m. on Sept. 8 to an apartment complex on Sevier Avenue.

There they found a naked Brewer screaming and covered in blood in his apartment, according to the police report. He was escorted from the room and the gun believed to have been used in the shooting was recovered.

They found his wife, Jennifer L. Brewer, 29, lying face up on the bed and bleeding from a large wound on the left side of her chest.

She was not breathing and was later that day pronounced dead at Blount Memorial Hospital.

Danny Brewer was first held for investigation in the case and then charged with criminal homicide.

Brewer is a former Rockford police officer and Blount County deputy who was involved in a May 2000 fatal crash while en route to assist a deputy.

Brewer was serving as a Rockford police officer on May 16, 2000, when he was involved in an accident that killed Jennifer Lowe Bean, 29, of Jackson Hills Drive, Maryville, according to Daily Times archives.

Deputy Brewer archive:

Deliberate news blackout on ex-deputy's murder of wife Jennifer Cunningham Brewer

Wife-killer ex-deputy/officer Brewer caught planning with his lover to flee if bailed out of jail

THP trooper drug addict murdered by food poisoned with heroin

Rural Metro Engine 233 lies alongside Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Michael Slagle's cruiser after both vehicles slide off an icy road on Jan. 25, 2013, in Corryton. Slagle, 53, died from what appears to have been natural causes after he crashed on Longmeyer Road shortly before 7 a.m. Friday. The Rural Metro engine was responding to Slage's accident when it wrecked. (Chad Smith/Special)

,p>“Modern wheat is an 18-inch tall plant created by genetic research in the ‘60s and ‘70s This thing has many new features nobody told you about, such as there’s a new protein in this thing called gliadin. It’s not gluten. I’m not addressing people with gluten sensitivities and celiac disease. I’m talking about everybody else because everybody else is susceptible to the gliadin protein that is an opiate. This thing binds into the opiate receptors in your brain and in most people stimulates appetite, such that we consume 440 more calories per day, 365 days per year.”
-Dr William Davis, CBS TV 2012, author of Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

THP trooper dies after cruiser slides off road during ice storm


A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper died this morning after his cruiser slid off a road in Corryton, state authorities said.

Trooper Michael Slagle died of what appeared to be natural causes after his cruiser slid off Longmire Road just before 7 a.m., said Jennifer Donals, THP spokeswoman.

“There is an investigation, but he passed way from what appeared to be natural causes,” she said.

Trooper Mike Slagle

A Rural/Metro fire truck sent to the scene on Longmire Road also slid off the road and toppled onto the disabled cruiser that was down a 10-foot embankment.

None of the five firefighters aboard the truck were injured.

Slagle at 6:51 a.m. reported his cruiser had slid off the road near the intersection with E. Emory Road. Slagle lives in the area.

Emergency personnel, however, had trouble reaching the injured trooper because of icy roads.

Fatboy Trooper Mike Slagel assassinated by GMO Frankenfood gene-spliced with the opium plant to make wheat addictive

When the fire truck slid into the cruiser, it injured a man who had gone to check on Slagle. That man was loaded aboard a four-wheel drive vehicle with paramedics and taken to a hospital about 10 a.m.

The man’s name and condition were not available this morning.

Meanwhile, icy trouble spots are continuing to pop up on streets across Knox County, particularly to the south and in Halls, according to officials

Brine trucks have been out since early morning salting the roads, though their effectiveness could be waning as temperatures hover below freezing, said spokesman Michael Grider.

Has KFD ever heard of tire chains? Did a lack of tire chains murder Trooper Slagle? Will Knox County taxslaves have to pay millions of taxdollars to Slagle's widow or orphan?

Tenn. Trooper Dies After Fire Truck Lands on Cruiser

A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper suffered a fatal heart attack after his cruiser slid off an icy road before a fire truck landed on top of it early Friday morning.

Trooper Michael Slagle, 53, was near the intersection of Longmire Lane and Emory Road near Corryton when it left the road around 7 a.m., according to WATE-TV.

A Rural/Metro fire truck lost control in the same area, slid off the road and landed on top of the cruiser while Slagle was still inside.

It took until around noon for crews to extricate the trapped trooper -- who was unconcious -- and were unable to revive him.

Officials said that the cause of death was from an apparent heart attack.

Slagle spent 26 years with the Tennessee High Patrol.

"He was a model trooper and a good man. It is a very sad day for our Highway Patrol family and all who knew Michael," Colonel Tracy Trott said. "Our prayers go out to his family during this difficult time."

One firefighter and a civilian sustained minor injuries and were transported to local hospitals.

Slagle is survived by his wife and one daughter.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers are terrorists committing 1-million armed robberies every year as part of a global Communist conspiracy to overthow the United States of Amerika

See also:

THP troopers paid over $100,000 salary to increase biker tickets 11,400% on the Dragon

Blount County deputy H L SLAGLE III -- Annual salary $50,523 (plus double overtime in court?)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flip a cop on the Dragon

You can flip off a cop and file a lawsuit, or flip off a cop and lure him to his doom on the Dragon

Flipping Off Police Officers Constitutional, Federal Court Affirms

WASHINGTON -- A police officer can't pull you over and arrest you just because you gave him the finger, a federal appeals court declared Thursday.

In a 14-page opinion, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ruled that the "ancient gesture of insult is not the basis for a reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation or impending criminal activity."

John Swartz and his wife Judy Mayton-Swartz had sued two police officers who arrested Swartz in May 2006 after he flipped off an officer who was using a radar device at an intersection in St. Johnsville, N.Y. Swartz was later charged with a violation of New York's disorderly conduct statute, but the charges were dismissed on speedy trial grounds.

A federal judge in the Northern District of New York granted summary judgement to the officers in July 2011, but the Court of Appeals on Thursday erased that decision and ordered the lower court to take up the case again.

Richard Insogna, the officer who stopped Swartz and his wife when they arrived at their destination, claimed he pulled the couple over because he believed Swartz was "trying to get my attention for some reason." The appeals court didn't buy that explanation, ruling that the "nearly universal recognition that this gesture is an insult deprives such an interpretation of reasonableness."

FULL TEXT OPINION - UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SECOND CIRCUIT, John Swartz, Judy Mayton-Swartz v. Richard Insogna, Kevin Collins, Docket No. 11-2846-cv, Decided: January 3, 2013


Finally we can do something, small though it may be, to counter the spreading phash ism.

Cops get paid way too much for what they do, the local sheriffs where I live are paid 300 percent of the national individual median average wage. In addition to getting a whopping three times more than the average Joe they harrass and bother, they have platinum benefits. All paid for by the taxpayer, in the service of enforcing inequality and laws increasingly benefitting the oppression of the ruling One Percenters. Cops jobs are not even in the top ten of the most dangerous jobs, and they choose to accept the dangers inherent with their work.

it's a good ruling but i still wouldn't recommend doing it since the cop will use his "BlueCode" buddies to get back at you. Only difference between cops and gangs are the uniforms

Cops are the worst criminals. You love criminality? This is the second post I noticed that appears to come from one of the 6 people in the US who've never been wrongly accused by a cop who doesn't care whether he's right or not. Keep the faith. They'll get you sooner or later, and you'll be shocked. Repeat after me: I can't believe they would purposely lie. You'll be saying it soon.

I have in my own lifetime and personal experienced actually witnessed at least five police officers lie under color of authority, two falsified a police report and three lied in front of a judge regarding a traffic violation they trumped up against me. (My lawyer succeeded in using their own conflicting lies to exonerate me!) Anyone who defends law enforcement today is really willfully blind to their criminal actions.

Funny, because I was arrested for that in 1984. A bit different then the story above. I had already been harassed by the same officer a few hours earlier. He was a real piece of work. He actually called in reinforcements. Within 10 minutes, not less than six cars had arrived, including state police and DEA. The DEA guy was also a payload. I eventually told him he could leave his weapon with his colleague if he wanted to boogie. I was released after 5~minutes behind bars, after the Sherriff's department realized that one of the charges was NOT GROUNDS TO ARREST ON. Simple as that. All charges then were dropped. I was told I had a good civil case but never pursued it. Anyway, I am now good friends with a few police but they are decent people. My closest police buddy is a chief and is the closest thing that exists to 'Andy of Mayberry'. Which brings me to primary the reason why I wrote this post. He (the chief) has been victimized by his own officers. He is too strait for them and they prefer to jack around. Since he is also a kind-heart, he lets them get away with it and that only emboldens them. A group of officers signed false a complaint against the chief and when he beat the charges, two apologized. A couple of months later, the same two did it AGAIN. Moral of story: This country is going down the toilet~~PLENTY.

When I was a law enforcement officer I can say that I never saw anyone flip me off. Maybe because I treated them with respect and tried not to give them a reason to act or display themselves in a foul manner. Sad to say that there are many officers that don't deserve the respect that their badge promotes. " Protect and serve" to some means nothing. I respect them for what they have to go through but also believe they should not mar the authority given to them.

So the court ruled the cop lied under oath, correct? And in an official capacity? I suppose he gets a pass for perjury. We need a national three-strikes law for police: falsify an arrest report, attack a suspect without cause, violate the public trust in any way, go directly to jail, be banned from law enforcement for life, and lose the right to bear arms. Really sould be a one-strike law, but hey. But I'm glad to see a court show some sense for a change.

Whaddaya call 800,000 cops at the bottom of the sea? Freedom.

So if it's Constitutional with the police, it's surely Constitutional to give the sign to a member of Congress. After all, all 535 of them have given us the finger for years....

You hit that out of the park, however your wrong about them giving us the finger, they insert the finger, its also called rape in some circles


.('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
...'\................ _.•´
.....\.............. (
......\.............. \

Wow, we can now starting Flipping Obama the bird and get away with it. This is going to be great